Work Scheduling
Simplify work scheduling and improve resource utilization

Add best-of-breed maintenance scheduling capabilities to your existing EAM system

Whether it is a sophisticated enterprise system or spreadsheets, you already have a routine/operational work scheduling "system" in use at your plant today. The question is, how good is your system and does it allow you to get the most out of your resources?

Many routine/operational work scheduling tools are either far too complex and cumbersome to be useful by supervisors, operations and field personnel - or they are too simple and lack the kind of power-features required to effectively optimize resources.  

PIPELINE's Visual Work Scheduling solution gives you the best of both worlds. It provides add-on capabilities to your existing EAM/CMMS system, giving users an easy-to-use, web-based visual scheduling interface while leveraging the powerful features of your existing EAM system.

PIPELINE Visual Scheduler is pre-integrated to work with leading EAM/CMMS systems including SAP PM, IBM Maximo and Oracle EAM

With more than 25,000 users worldwide, and compatibility with all of the major EAM platforms, PIPELINE Visual Work Scheduler is rapidly becoming the industry’s leading maintenance scheduling solution. Learn more about this product.