PIPELINE Syntempo®
An integrated mission-control system for running better shutdowns, turnarounds and outages

PIPELINE Syntempo® is a state-of-the-art solution that integrates and extends your existing systems to create a single, unified command-and-control center for managing your TAR/Outages. Get more visibility and control than you ever thought was possible.


It takes multiple systems to support the complex requirements of a major TAR/Outage. Your organization already has a work order management system such as SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM or Ventyx Asset Suite, and you probably also use some type of specialty scheduling tool such as Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to manage your critical path, scheduling and resource optimizations. Additionally, many plants use a variety of other special purpose applications for functions like permits, tag-out/lock-out, time management, boundaries, inspections and safety.

How well do all of your systems work together? How smooth, easy and efficient are your business processes?

If you feel your processes are a long way from being optimal you are not alone. In any major plant a multitude of systems introduces complexities and problems into your business process, some severe. Each system requires significant amounts of training before anyone can use them. Features and functions overlap between systems so it is not clear how they should work together.

One thing is for sure, their overly complex user interfaces and usage procedures are designed for people that work at a desk all day - not for your outage managers, supervisors, foremen, and crafts who should be spending their time in the field. 

The Syntempo® Solution

PIPELINE Syntempo makes your best-of-breed environment work together seamlessly. It integrates and extends your back-end management systems to create a unified command-and-control center that gives you better visibility and control over your TAR/outages.

All TAR/Outage participants including managers, coordinators, supervisors, foremen, crafts, planners and schedulers can now see the same real-time schedule - anytime from anywhere. Users can check and/or update work order and progress information simultaneously across all systems using a single unified, easy-to-use web interface.

In addition to making the most of your existing systems, Syntempo adds a number of powerful advanced features that go beyond the capability of your current systems. Examples of these features include:

  • Real-time critical path and critical float calculation
  • Automated role-base alerts driven by predecessor progress events
  • Real-time performance metric dashboard for control room display monitors
  • Advanced touchscreen devices that enable field resources to easily progress work

Syntempo even includes its own pre-integrated kiosks. These are used by the shops and field to retrieve and update work order, material and permit/clearance information with "iPhone ease". 

Syntempo is the TAR/Outage management system your managers have been dreaming about. Put them back in control with a real-time view of work progress as it happens. They will have timely information at their fingertips instead of wasting time “chasing down” status. Syntempo tells you when your critical path is going to be impacted in real-time. See problems early so you can optimize resources and crews. 

To learn more about how Syntempo can revolutionize your TAR/Outage processes please contact us to learn more.



  • Real-time critical path and critical float calculation
  • Advanced web and mobile interfaces to progress work with a single click
  • Automated role-base alerts driven by predecessor progress events
  • Real-time performance metric dashboard for control room display monitors



  • Gain real-time visibility to work progress
  • Improve communication across the entire TAR/Outage team
  • Eliminate "status chasing" and excessive phone calls and meetings
  • Reduce keyboard time for supervisors, foremen and crafts by 90%


 Syntempo® - Tar/Outage Mission Control