STO Analytics
Reporting and analysis for your shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages


Get better visibity into your shutdown, turnaround and outage ("STO") projects

PIPELINE's STO Analytics provide a comprehensive reporting solution to help you turn your mountains of data into concise decision supporting information.

STO Analytics automatically collects relevant data from various management systems such as SAP, Maximo and Primavera, then centralizes this data in an integrated datamart where it then provides you with a set of powerful tools that generate reports, dashboards and other graphical visualizations.  

Integrated Reporting Data Depot

Any good reporting solution begins with the data. STO Analytics is pre-integrated with various enterprise systems (see compatibility chart) so it knows how to automatically extract work order, task, clearance, permit, material, schedule, resources and other data and consolidate this data into an integrated reporting data depot. 

KPI's & Dashboards

You can graphically visualize your data using more than thirty different dashboard component formats including pie charts, bar charts, scatter charts, meters, geospatial maps and diagrams. 

Gantt Chart Report Formats

Shutdowns, turnaround and outages are projects. The STO Analytics solution provides robust Gantt chart visualization for your work order and activities. 

Tabular Report Formats

One of the many report formats available are tabular reports. These are a popular format to generate the level of details required for your organization's compliance reporting.

Graphical Report Designer

STO Analytics includes a graphical report designer. This provides true drag-and-drop report design, development and deployment.

Automated Report Distribution

Once you have chosen your reports you can set them up to be automatically generated and distributed using the STO Analytics report job scheduler.