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PIPELINE customer AREVA NP Inc. (USA) is Speaker at SAP PS Conference

PIPELINE's Maxavera enables organizations and their partners to streamline key business processes by integrating their SAP systems with Primavera

Sydney, Australia, August 30, 2010 — PIPELINE's customer AREVA NP Inc. spoke on their successful use of PIPELINE's Maxavera for SAP-Primavera integration at the annual SAP PS Conference in Australia. Over 200 project and portfolio management professionals from 85 organizations came together for the 3rd annual Mastering Project and Portfolio Management with SAP event. Mastering Project & Portfolio Management with SAP conference is a thoughtfully designed event to encourage employees to look outside of their organization and industry, a place to capture perspectives, engage in brave and important conversations, and pinpoint new and different ways to improve both professionally and personally.

AREVA NP, supplies solutions for carbon-free power generation for the global nuclear industry. AREVA offers many unique integrated solutions for utilities that cover every state of the fuel cycle, nuclear reactor design and construction, and related services. Every day AREVA's 75,000 employees, working in manufacturing facilities in over 43 countries, cultivate the synergies between two major carbon-free offers, helping to supply safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.

AREVA's presentation titled "Successful Navigation through the Pot Holes of Integration" was delivered by William C. Dyson, an Enterprise Architect of AREVA USA. The speech detailed their need to integrate SAP with Primavera, and at the same time improve the SAP finance side of the integration with a French partner. PIPELINE's Maxavera was the preferred solution based on its performance, web-based approach, quick and easy implementation, and high levels of functionality. PIPELINE's Maxavera solution satisfied the requirements of both AREVA and their French business partner, while outperforming the prior AREVA solution.

PIPELINE's Maxavera solution provides hundreds of out-of-the-box predefined fields, mappings and integration rules. Its standard functionality accommodates the majority of integration scenarios, which is why it was chosen by AREVA. PIPELINE's Maxavera is literally unlimited in flexibility to automate the most complex integration scenarios imaginable. Since Maxavera is 100% web based, it is accessible from anywhere and can perform on-time, quick, ad-hoc synchronizations between SAP and Primavera. AREVA is able to prepare both detailed financial and time information in SAP and link it with detailed planning in Primavera. This has helped them improve their business processes and "decrease the disconnect within offices and regions." AREVA also stated that the "vendor support and expertise" as well as "quick implementation" helped them make the decision to choose PIPELINE's Maxavera for their integration solution.

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