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WEBINAR: An introduction to Syntempo Analytics & Reporting

July 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT & 1:00 PM EDT



An introduction to Syntempo Analytics & Reporting
July 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT & 1:00 PM EDT

PIPELINE is a global leader and integration standard for users of Oracle-Primavera, SAP, IBM Maximo, Ventyx Passport/AssetSuite/e-Soms and more.  PIPELINE Analytics is configured specifically to provide visibility to all data within these systems for true decision making power on the fly. 

We will provide an overview of Pipeline's Reporting Suite and its capabilities along with examples of how our clients utilize them in the Power, Energy, and Process vertical:

  • Integration and how we build our data cube from your existing systems.
  • Expansive library of reporting packages to support the needs of your organization.
  • A look at our pre-packaged maintenance reports and dashboards to get you started. These include: 
    • Daily Work schedules
    • Schedule compliance
    • Safety Compliance Metrics
    • Resource Utilization
  • The ease in which you can build reports user specific reports. 


The perfect introductory web event for anyone looking to expand, enhance or replace their reporting capabilities.  Please register at 10:00 AM EST or 1:00 PM EST.  We look forward to seeing you and your team on the webinar!

Please register at:
10:00 AM EDT
1:00 PM EDT


About Pipeline Software Inc.

PIPELINE provides advanced technology solutions that enable organizations to optimize the performance of their work planning, scheduling and execution. Our solutions focus on the improvement of plant shutdown/turnarounds, capital projects and maintenance work. PIPELINE's patented Syntempo® technology enables new levels of work execution performance by automating the collection of work progress from the field, performing real-time schedule-impact analysis, and recommending dynamic reallocation of resources based on the most efficient path. To learn more visit