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PIPELINE customer PG&E Diablo Canyon Presents at STO Conference

San Antonio, Texas, June 19, 2012 —PG&E Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant presented a case study that outlined how they improved key business process improvements for their 1R17 nuclear refueling outage using PIPELINE’s  Syntempo® state-of-the-art outage management solution.

Close to 200 industry professionals from 85 organizations came together for the 6th annual Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage conference, STO 2012, held in San Antonio Texas in June. This event is North America’s leading conference dedicated to the full lifecycle of shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs). The program was designed to deliver thought-provoking insight and in-depth content covering the most challenging STO issues companies are facing today.

PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant presentation titled "Implementing an Integrated, Intelligent, Real-Time Outage Schedule" was delivered by Matt Coward, a nuclear industry professional with over 25 years of operational experience, and a licensed mechanical engineer. The session detailed the previous challenges they faced during their planned outages, many of which are common throughout the nuclear industry. The presentation focused on how the plant transitioned from “static” printed work schedules to a dynamic real-time schedule model using PIPELINE’s Syntempo technology.  The presentation covered key features of Syntempo including its ability to enable all field personnel such as supervisors and crafts to quickly and easily progress work using bar-code scanners and one or two clicks.

“Syntempo has really streamlined the schedule update process. We used to waste hundreds of man-hours gathering status and manually updating the schedule. Now Syntempo allows rapid, near real-time statusing of the schedule from any computer or the kiosks,” said Matt Coward, Outage Manager.

ABOUT PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Diablo Canyon provides electricity for nearly 3 million northern and central California homes. The facility, which sits on approximately 1,000 acres on the Pacific coast, has operated safely since 1985 with its two Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) units licensed until 2024 and 2025 respectively. The two units produce a total of 18,000 gigawatt-hours of clean and reliable electricity annually, which is enough to power nearly 3 million Northern and Central California homes (10% of California's energy portfolio and 20% of the power that PG&E provides throughout its service area).



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PIPELINE provides advanced technology solutions that enable organizations to optimize the performance of their work planning, scheduling and execution. Our solutions focus on the improvement of plant shutdown/turnarounds, capital projects and maintenance work. PIPELINE's patented Syntempo® technology enables new levels of work execution performance by automating the collection of work progress from the field, performing real-time schedule-impact analysis, and recommending dynamic reallocation of resources based on the most efficient path. To learn more visit