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PIPELINE Provides SAP-to-Primavera Integration to Brazil's Largest Petrochemical Company

Braskem S.A., Brazil's largest petrochemical company, selects PIPELINE's Maxavera solution to gain increased control over routine plant maintenance and to streamline management and control of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages

SANTA ANA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2007 — PIPELINE, the SAP Integration Experts™, announced immediate release of the new 4.0 version of its PIPELINE's Maxavera product.

PIPELINE announced the completion of a series of SAP-to-Primavera integration projects for São Paulo-based Braskem S.A., the largest Brazilian petrochemical company. Formed in 2002 as part of a major restructuring of the Brazilian petrochemical industry, Braskem operates 13 plants with a production capacity of 5 million tons per year of chemical and petrochemical products.

"We are proud to have Braskem as a customer and are excited about the prospects of the South American market," said Charlie Sundling, chief executive officer, PIPELINE. "This implementation also demonstrates the scalability and performance of our solution, integrating a dozen plants using a single instance of PIPELINE's Maxavera. Given the complexity of successfully integrating these geographically diverse facilities, Braskem's selection of PIPELNIE's Maxavera demonstrates the sustainability, flexibility and international support capabilities of our solution. We've made a commitment to understanding intimately the critical business processes affecting plant maintenance and turnarounds. Braskem's choice is a vote of confidence for our business approach and technology solution."

PIPELNIE's Maxavera provides a pre-packaged integration solution to keep SAP synchronized with Primavera. The solution comes standard with more than 100 data flows and associated logic to make the transformations work seamlessly. In addition to marking PIPELINE's entry into the South American market, the Braskem project also registers as one of the most complex and largest SAP-to-Primavera integration in the world. Braskem uses PIPELINE's Maxavera to integrate its core planning system, SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), with its core scheduling system, Primavera P3e – concurrently across as many as thirteen plants.

Brakem's main business focus is the production of thermoplastic resins polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, and the company also produces approximately 50 percent of Brazil's basic petrochemicals and solvents. PIPELINE's solution helps Braskem more efficiently manage the ongoing maintenance of all its mission-critical petrochemical plants.

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