Mission Control for TAR/Outages 
Visibility into what is really going on

Eliminate the burden of complex IT systems and processes so your resources can do what they do best - execute your TAR/Outage

You have been planning your TAR/Outage for years, your schedule is refined, and it's time to execute. Hundreds, or maybe thousands of people descend on your plant to execute thousands of complex interdependent work orders. The chaos begins. 

Your IT group has done their best to provide systems that will help support the TAR/Outage process. You might have systems like SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM, Ventyx Asset SuiteOracle Primavera P6 - and a half dozen others. But when it comes time to execute your TAR/Outage your systems and business processes "feel clunky and awkward". 

Your existing systems are complex. Only the most highly trained and experienced users can utilize them effectively. It is difficult to find information and even more difficult to make updates. 

You have invested a fortune in these systems, so why do they seem so difficult to use?

The answer is simple; the majority of ERP, EAM, CMMS and PPM systems were never designed to support the  execution phase of work management, they were designed to support internal planning & scheduling processes.

A Better Way to Manage Your TAR/Outage

PIPELINE Syntempo is a state-of-the-art system for TAR/Outage execution. It is designed from the ground up to support the way you really manage a TAR/Outage.

Syntempo makes collecting and communicating work/schedule progress fast and easy. Key features for outage managers include:

Automated Feedback from the Field: No more distributing of printed schedules to be "marked up" and data entered at the end of shifts. Syntempo provides web and mobile electronic work feedback forms that reduced the effort of progress updates to a single click. 

Real-Time Scheduling: No more waiting to see how the current work progress will impact your schedule. Syntempo provides a consolidated real-time view of the schedule available to everyone working the TAR/Outage. Critical path, float and other schedule-impacting indicators are calculated in real-time. You won't have to wait until the "official schedule" is recalculated during shift changes to know that you have a problem. 


Automated Alert Notifications: No more endless phone calls and meetings trying to determine the status of predecessor work. Syntempo enables users to set custom alerts that automatically send anert notifications based on events taking place during the TAR/Outage. For example, receive an alert when work you are interested starts, finishes or is put on hold.

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