Maxavera Connector Studio™
Connect web applications to SAP in minutes


Getting data into and out of SAP from non-SAP applications can be difficult and expensive. Extraordinary amounts of developer resources can be consumed on this seemingly simple task, contributing to project delays and budget overruns. Even after a solution is finally working it is often complex and more expensive to maintain than it was to develop.


Radically simplify SAP interface development

Pipeline's Maxavera Connector Studio™ (MCS) is an SAP Certified technology that enables you to rapidly connect SAP data to any non-SAP application. This is accomplished by automatically generating Web Service components and ready-to-run web pages from SAP module BAPI/RFC's. These components can then be quickly connected to any web standards based middleware, packaged or custom applications. 


After MCS has connected your web application to SAP you can deploy the solution directly to users or through a variety of enterprise portal infrastructures.